Onboarding (Service Delivery)

Sports Operations of America is committed to providing your customers with the best experience. This is accomplished by adopting an onboarding strategy. Onboarding involves thoroughly educating customers about your sports program and teaching them how to have the best experience. Additionally, onboarding consists of collecting any remaining information from your customers. Sports Operations of America will create happier customers for your organization with our onboarding strategy.

Onboarding Documentation

Sports Operations of America can develop all onboarding documents for your organization.

Parent Guides & Registration Documents

Our Parent Guides are an average of 26 pages long. Our Parent Guides will provide detailed information about your program. Our Parent Guides are designed to be a one-stop shop for your customers.

Our Parent Guides contain many important registration documents and agreement forms. Agreement forms are integral for organizations to protect themselves legally. We include a variety of agreement forms, including a Communicable Disease Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement, Concussion Acknowledgement, and Photo Consent agreement to protect your organization from legal liability.

  • Registration Documents
    • Parent/Guardian Information
    • Player #1 Information
    • Player #2 Information
    • Player #3 Information
    • Player #4 Information
  • Agreement Forms
    • Parent Agreement
    • Player Agreement
    • Zero Tolerance Policy
    • Communicable Disease Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement
    • Concussion Acknowledgment
    • Photo Consent Form
    • No Pets Policy

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Coach Agreement

Our coach agreements are designed for coaches (that are not part of your staff) registering a team to your sports program. They legally bind coaches to your rules. With our Coach Agreements, your organization can collect credit information from coaches to ensure you can hold them accountable if they break a rule (e.g., no-shows, fighting, etc.).

Player Guide

Player Guides are used to inform players about the benefits of your league and important information they should know. We aim to decrease customer questions with our Player Guides.

Uniform Guide

Our Uniform Guides provide detailed directions on how to purchase uniforms. They are a great tool for parents and players to learn the process easily.

Community Guidelines

Our Community Guidelines describe how players, coaches, and spectators should behave in your sports community. Our goal is to influence the culture of your organization.

Onboarding Document Collection

Collecting signed registration documents and agreement forms (from your Parent Guide), Coach Agreements, and other customer forms is made easy with Sports Operations of America. Our document collection department can help your organization collect all necessary documents and ensure customers submit all appropriate information. Lastly, we can reach out to customers that need to provide further information.