Sports Program Development

We develop profitable sports programs. We are committed to developing viable services for our clients that are high in profit while meeting your customers' expectations. Our goal is to generate the maximum profit for our clients.

Offer Other Sports at Your Facility

It is common for organizations only to provide sports they are familiar with. With Sports Operations of America, your organization can offer multiple sports to your community. You do not need to learn about other sports to start offering them. We have frameworks that have been tried and tested. Have a piece of mind with us. We will develop your sports programs from the ground up.

  1. We will develop the format of your program.
    • League Structure and Rules (for both adult and youth programs)
    • Days of Operation (for both adult and youth programs)
    • Season Dates (for both adult and youth programs)
    • Practice Structure and Curriculum (for youth programs)
  2. We will determine the most profitable pricing strategy.
  3. We will develop a landing page and registration page on your website.
  4. We will develop all appropriate onboarding materials.
    • Parent Guides (for youth programs)
    • Player Guides (for both adult and youth programs)
    • Community Guidelines (for both adult and youth programs)
    • Coach Agreements (for both adult and youth programs)
    • Uniform Guides (for youth programs)
  5. We will manage all staff for your organization.
    1. Recruitment (optional)
    2. Interviewing (optional)
    3. Onboarding (optional)
    4. Payroll Management (optional)
    5. Staff Scheduling (optional)

Offer a Mix of Programs

Every sport is not created equal. Some sports utilize less space to operate, require less time to service, and use less staff. Additionally, you can charge more for some sports. We aim to provide a mix of sports programs that maximize profitability.

  1. We will determine which sports can be offered at your facility.
  2. We will determine which mix of sports will provide the highest profit for your facility.
Sports Program Mix Picture. Service Program Development.
Sports Program Development Full Field
Sports Program Development Half Field Youth Soccer Program
Sports Program Development Half Field Adult Soccer League