Sales Management

We can manage your sales program from top to bottom. We will convert interested customers into paying customers. Sports Operations of America are experts at converting interested individuals into paying customers. With our sales program, you can sit back and relax while watching your organization grow.

Develop Sales Strategy

We start by developing a sales strategy for your organization. Our team of industry experts will utilize proven sales processes. Our expert sales team understands how to convert interested individuals into paying customers effectively.

Manage Sales

Our sales team will convert leads (interested individuals) into paying customers. Our sales team will answer questions and convince leads to enroll in your sports programs. Additionally, our sales team will attempt to sell other products and services to your customers (upselling).

Our sales team keeps notes on all interactions with leads. Additionally, each lead will be assigned a lifecycle stage:

  1. Lead - An individual interested in your program.
  2. Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) - MQLs are leads that are able to afford your program but do not understand your program format and benefits.
  3. Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) - SQLs are interested leads that understand your program format, costs, and benefits.
  4. Opportunity - These leads are ready to enroll in your program.
  5. Customer - An individual that has paid for your program.

Customer Management with HubSpot

  • Each customer receives their own HubSpot profile.
  • HubSpot profiles contain customer data, including contact details and other important customer information.
  • Our sales team will document all customer interactions inside each customer profile.
  • You and an unlimited number of staff members can access customer profiles at any time.
  • HubSpot has lots of great features to help manage customers easily.
  • HupSpot's mobile app alerts you when an individual from your HubSpot database calls your phone (or a staff member's phone). The alert allows you to view the customer's profile instantly.